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A little about ​Teddi


Teddi is a dreamer. She loves to dream big and reach ​for the stars.

Li​fe-long Learner

She loves to learn and try new things. Teddi is driven​ by curiosity and always searching for the next ​new thing to le​arn.

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Gu​ide, Teacher, Mentor

Teddi is a teacher, mentor and guide at heart and ​loves​ to teach others what she has learned.

Positive Self Talk Advocate

Understanding the ever-present inner critic, Teddi is ​dedicated to teaching how to tame it, unlocking the ​path to achieving one's dreams

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Teddi Kathleen Dream Big Book Series

Big Dreams and ​Bright Visions

I am Brave, Kind, ​and Courageous

Quieting the ​Whispers of the ​Worry Bug

Goodbye Worry ​Bug, Hello Happy ​Thoughts

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“Each book in the Teddi Kathleen's series ​is a vibrant blend of engaging narratives ​and whimsical illustrations, designed to ​entertain while teaching essential life ​skills.

These stories equip young minds to thrive, ​grow, tame their inner critic and envision a ​world of endless possibilities. Perfect for ​children eager to learn about themselves ​and the world. This series is a treasure ​trove of lessons in personal growth and ​empowerment.”

- Someone Important


Teddi Kathleen

Coloring Book Pages

The perfect compliment to the Teddi ​Kathleen Dream Big Adventure Series ​books. Get your copy of the printable ​coloring book pages today!

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A note from the ​Author

Hi there! I'm Krystal, and I'm thrilled ​you're here! Inspired to share ​lessons I longed for in my childhood, ​I created the Teddi Kathleen series. ​Like Teddi, I'm a big dreamer and a ​lifelong learner, passionate about ​sharing my journey with you. Dive ​into these stories, and may they ​inspire you as much as they've ​inspired me!

- Krystal

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Dedicated to ​positively influencing ​and inspiring one ​million lives, one book ​at a time.

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